3D animation

Lift your presentation with 3D animations, consisting of objects or characters. We design/model in 3D and rig for any character-driven animation.

Digital effects and compositing

Much of the work in film is done in post-production, integrating 3D renders with real photo, change backgrounds, fix errors in your footage and more… In other words, fix in post.

3D visualization

Show your products in a virtual environment. The modeling is done in 3D according to your drawings or ideas, we imitate the material as close to reality as we can, followed by the lighting of the scene and rendering out to images/animations.

We do 3D, animation, film, vfx.

Onsson Animation is a film/3D studio located in Örby, Mark, Sweden. We help customers visualize their stories by combining new technology and ingenuity.

We are Onsson.

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Daniel Jönsson


onsson animation is now a part ofVivified 3D